Sift is the leader in Digital Trust & Safety, empowering innovators, from digital disruptors to the Fortune 500, to unlock new revenue without risk. In the marketing team I worked as a visual designer in collaboration with writers, product managers, and web developers.

Since 2018, our team has worked together to rebrand the new face of Sift. Our goal was to elevate the look and feel of the company into a clean design ecosystem. In this new system we introduced circles, icons, colors to represent data points backed by the idea that "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

Art direction by Kat Klein.





Color Palette

Color is an important way to enhance our storytelling. Our brand is composed of four custom primary colors: blue, teal, navy and green. In addition we added secondary colors to complement and contrast our Trust & Safety story. 


At sift I developed a collection of custom icons to represent various components of our company, for example: products, resources, industries, insights, and technology.  The icons were designed on a proportional square format at multiple sizes, with consistent line weights for a flexible web friendly use.


This illustration style draws inspiration from our logo and the Digital Trust & Safety iconography. Simple shapes, clean lines, limited color, and heightened reality give our illustration a branded feel and makes it easy to understand. Basic geometric shapes make up our illustrations. Our illustration system is built from three different styles: icon, lined illustration, and full rendition illustration.

Icon Illustration


Lined Illustration


Full-Render Illustration 



Adding the elements from our design system with layout, we created a set of beautiful pages that walkthrough the sift products, customer testimonials, webinars, events, marketing campaigns, etc.

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Example of page design + wireframe


Digital Collateral 

These are some examples of the digital assets designed to expand awareness of events, product launches, webinars, podcasts, digital banner ads, emails, ebooks, one-pagers, etc. 


Booth Design


Besides digital assets, at sift I had the opportunity to implement our colors and design elements into booth designs. These booths would later be built and used in conferences where the company would travel to and give demonstrations of the Sift digital products.