Sift Science


Sift Science is the leader in Digital Trust and Safety. Sift has helped companies by providing fraud prevention solutions. In the marketing team I worked as a graphic designer in collaboration with writers, product managers, and web developers. For the period of 2016-2018 our team worked together to build a brand that is inviting, conveys trust, and starts with the customer. These are some examples of the key projects that I helped design in this visual style. 

Company Shirts

Typographic company shirts that celebrate pride, commemorate the

annual summer company picnic, and convey the sift spirit.



Billboard Campaign

"Fraud isn't always this obvious" was a campaign to promote the machine learning console that is Sift. The billboards showcase fraudulent versions of pop-culture icons who pretend to be someone they are not, in parallel to the idea of identity theft.


"Fraud isn't  always this obvious"

billboard campaign that took place in the cities of New York, Oakland, and San Francisco. 


This illustration style was created with the idea to make the look and feel inviting and vibrant with color. The small details in the offset coloring make it look like a misprint,  that decision was made on purpose to show a human element of honesty and perfectly imperfect. Most of these illustrations represent objects based on the context and little machines that reinforce machine learning. The color palette is limited to blue, navy blue, turquoise, purple, yellow, green and orange.



Website pages 

Web page layout design done for the homepage, customers, and featured product. 

Marketing Collateral

 A side from digital web media, we designed other collateral that conpletes the brand, some of these assets include stickers, ebooks, onepagers, exhibition design for industry conventions, presentations, etc.